Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Koala is an Indonesian pop band based in Yogyakarta, formed in November 2007 at SMAN 3 Padmanaba by Monika Sargo (Vocal), Arya Pradana (Bass), Dita Permatas (Keyboard), Pradika Gustaf (Drum) and Nihan Lanisy (Guitar). Koala began their career by dominating local and national high school band competition. While at high school, apart from band competition Koala has also released three singles including: Bullying No! No! No!, My Stupid Loyalty and Positive. In 2011, when they were participating on “Anti-Corruption Music” by Global Youth Anti-Corruption Youth Network, JMI Foundation and World Bank, the band released “For the Better Future” single and music video. A year later, Koala also released a single and music video titled “Round and Round”, this song and video was made by Koala in order to participate in Global Rockstar music contest.

In 2013, the quintet released their first acoustic song, “Have You”. The band remained together until the first quarter of 2014, Nihan Lanisy decided to left the band. Giri Soeseno from Javablanca was announced as the new guitarist in September 2014. By 29 November 2014, Koala released its debut album, “Di Antara”.



C. B. A. (Official Music Video)