Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Indie Rock


The 2011-born alternative pop/indie rock quartet Skandal finally release their fresh new single, “Superfine” on November 30, 2016.

One of Skandal’s more recent materials, “Superfine” is the first single off the band’s debut mini-album soon to be released on two different formats by two labels: on CDs by local Yogyakarta label Yellow Records at the end of 2016, and on limited-edition cassette tapes on Jakarta-based rookie independent label, Winona Tapes, early next year.

The band consider “Superfine” to represent the current direction of their musicality, exploring the aesthetics, sentimentality, candour, naivety, melodies, and hooks from the American and British alternative pop, power pop, slacker rock, and indie rock icons of the past two decades. In addition, they also borrow from the twist and sensibility of the mid 90s to pre-millennium Indonesian pop bands’ vibes.

The lyrics was written by singer Yogha Prasiddhamukti in the studio just a few minutes before recording the vocals, while the artwork was created by guitarist Robertus Febrian Valentino, who is also an emerging visual artist with a distinctive style.

The single, which will be available to listen for free on their Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Youtube channels from November 30, marks the end of the five-year period without any release following their two-track demo “Sugar/Skandal, which was released on limited CD-R’s and online in 2011.

In that period, they frequently performed new materials live but did not release anything. They also went through several changes of line-up and eventually settled with the singer living in a different city up until now.


Sugar (live at PKKH UGM)