Tik! Tok!

Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Tik! Tok! is a folk band based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The band consists of Ajityo Soeprijadi (Guitar, Vocals), Dita Permatas (Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Accordion), Danang Joedodarmo (Guitar, Vocals). Tik! Tok! was formed within the walls of ESB FEB UGM in 2010, formerly known as a sextet called MDZ. In the late of 2012, three of its members decided to pursue separate creative endeavours, while Ajityo, Dita and Danang as the remaining members decided to continue with the band. By June 2013, the band renamed themselves as “Tik! Tok!” and started to record their debut album, Page 160. Tik! Tok! has released 2 singles, Sometimes and Rush, in the end of 2013. Tik! Tok! has also released their 3rd single titled Contemplation in January 2014, this song appeared on the soundcloud’s worldwide trending music (folk) for weeks. By 29 September 2014, the band released their debut album titled “Page 160” and their 4th single, Screen. Tik! Tok! recently released their new single, “I’m Done”, on 30 April 2015.


Page 160 (Tik! Tok!) album artwork
Page 160

29 September 2014 · Album (9 tracks)

Page 160 is Tik! Tok!'s debut album, describing the journey of Adi and Gladys in pursuing their dreams and their fight against Page 160 conspiracies.


Screen (Official Music Video)